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5 Kitchen Design Layouts and Reasons to Choose Each

Choosing the right design layout is crucial when remodeling a kitchen. The exact location of your appliances and countertops dictates how smoothly you can prepare meals, clean up, and entertain your family and guests during home parties. Although you might have a brilliant idea of a dream kitchen in your head, it does not mean that it can fit perfectly for your space. The layout is determined primarily by the size of your kitchen. Many kitchen functions can only deliver full efficiency if they are provided with a good amount of space around them. In this article, we will be discussing five kitchen design layouts and the reasons to choose each.

  1. Single-sided Kitchen

A single-sided kitchen is designed along one wall and is good for narrow spaces. It is suitable for small households and requires a maximum of two people to work in the kitchen at a time. The work triangle is reduced to a straight line since all cabinets and appliances will be stationed against one wall. Experts recommend investing in a wall-mounted rail system that can be used to hang knives, pots, and other items within reach. This streamlined design helps maximize your storage capacity, making it ideal for narrow spaces. Open shelving or upper cabinets can occupy the most of every bit of space along the wall. They can be designed to reach the ceiling if the height of the room permits.

  1. The L-shaped Layout

The shape of the letter L. characterizes the L-shaped layout. This layout cuts out one wall of countertops and storage thus giving it the L-shape. The L-shaped layout is ideal for people who want to merge their kitchen area with their dining table. It can be used as part of an open living area or a separate eat-in kitchen. This type of layout is great for easygoing entertainers who like to go with the flow. However, an L-shaped kitchen is not suitable if you wanted a buffer zone against guests or privacy when preparing meals.

  1. Island Kitchen

An island kitchen provides new design options for renovations and new builds, as it gives great depth to an L-shaped kitchen. One of the hottest kitchen design trends is the island layout. It provides an extra surface for dining at the center surrounded by a work triangle made up of storage cabinets, cooking unit, sink, refrigerator, and other necessities. It derives its name from the fact that the extra surface at the center is separated from your cooking units and countertops. Some designs may have storage compartments around the extra surface at the center, which gives it the added benefit of function and storage. An island kitchen is good for people who are in possession of some serious space and love efficiency.

  1. Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen is a double-sided kitchen where the storage space and work surfaces line both sides of your space. It is ideal for people who are full of ambition but limited in space. Everything you need to prepare meals is available on both sides, which saves on space if there is minimal room for navigation. Extra space can be opened up by the long walkway situated between the two work areas. This allows a constant stream of traffic between the dining area and the backyard. The only downside with the galley kitchen is that it is not good for open plan living because of its strict shape. Nevertheless, it is perfect for small households.

  1. Kitchen Peninsula

Unlike other designs, the Kitchen peninsula layout requires a generous amount of space. It works great for Island wannabes who lack the square footage. Although you will still pull out some sort of an island kitchen, it remains a peninsula since it is connected to a wall. A kitchen peninsula is ideal for homes that lack enough room with necessary circulation around it to allow for a decent-sized kitchen island. A peninsula provides a more space efficient layout and stool space, making it ideal for entertaining many people at the same time.

When choosing a kitchen layout, it is important to consider the size of your kitchen, layout, usage, and flexibility. You can choose your appliances once you have selected a particular layout and completed the cabinetry. The layout should dictate how well you could use your kitchen without any flaws or hindrance. Choosing a kitchen design layout that works great for your space complements your d├ęcor and is ideal for better living.

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