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All You Need to Know About Caring for a Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite kitchen countertops have grown to become very popular among homeowners. This is not just happening by chance because there are numerous benefits to be achieved by using granite kitchen countertops. The advantages of using granite are that it is beautiful, durable, and requires little maintenance. Nevertheless, if you are going to have a granite countertop that lasts for years, you have to know how to take care of it. This article provides you with all information you need to know when it comes to caring for your granite kitchen countertop.

Clean Regularly

If you want your countertops to last for decades, you need to clean it every day after use. This is because, keeping the countertop free of grime and dirt helps preserve the granite. You should clean the surface occasionally with warm water, an antibacterial detergent, and a soft cloth. After applying the detergent, be sure to rinse the countertop thoroughly using clean water. If you happen to spill anything on the surface, you should clean it right away, as you would not want the liquid to seep into the spores of the granite.  As you do the cleaning, do not use harsh cleansers or scrubbers. Although granite is highly durable, some products can wear it down. A simple cloth and dish soap can do the job for you.

Apply a Sealant

Regularly used stone, especially granite, can benefit from a sealant. The right sealant provides your granite kitchen countertop with extra protection against spills because it makes it moisture-resistant. If you decide to use this technique to care for your countertop, be sure to use a high quality and long lasting sealant. Moreover, you need to ensure that the sealant is properly applied. Although sealing is something that you can do yourself, a professional would do a better job.

Daily Maintenance Tips – Dos and Don’ts

  • Do Use a Cutting Board

You should avoid any possibilities of scratching the granite surface, and one good way to do this is to use a cutting board. You should make use of this cutting board instead of your granite counter.

  • Do Use Coasters under Glasses

You should protect your granite countertop from moisture absorption by using a coaster under anything filled with liquid.

  • Do Not Place Hot Pans on Granite Countertop

Despite how tempting it might be, placing hot items on your granite countertop will only damage it. Although granite is able to withstand hot items, extreme temperatures harms it. If you must do it, use hot pads under the pot or pan. They not only help with regulating the temperature, but also prevent the grit trapped under the pan from scratching the countertop surface.

  • Do Not Use Generic Cleaning Products

Generic cleaning agents like glass cleaners, bleach, degreasers, and household cleaners that you purchase from your local store should be used with care. This is because they might contain alkalis, acids, and other chemicals, which may cause damage to your granite counter. You should not try to save money by purchasing cheap cleaners, which will only make you spend a lot more in the future.

  • Do Not Store Toiletries or Liquids on Your Granite Countertop

Hair and nail products, creams, perfumes, and cooking oils tend to spill or leak, something that usually goes overlooked by many. Even when your countertop is sealed, the chemicals and substances that remain on the surface for a long time may cause stain to the granite. You should consider practicing the right countertop care by storing such items on a tray or shelf.

  • Do Not Sit or Stand on Your Kitchen Countertop

For whatever reason you might want to place your weight by either sitting or standing on your granite kitchen countertop, you should not do it. Granite countertops, unlike laminate countertops, are fragile. In addition to this, they do not have a plywood backing. Therefore, when excess weight is placed on them, it could cause a crack. If your granite countertop is old, it could even collapse and cause injury.

Due to the nature of granite, taking care of a kitchen countertop built from this stone should not be a big deal. In fact, all you need is to learn some easy secrets to be able to maintain your granite countertop. Luckily, we have provided you with some valuable tips to do exactly that. Therefore, you should be in a better position now to keep your granite kitchen countertops looking fabulous for years to come.

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