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Which is the Easiest Kitchen Countertop to Maintain?

Due to its extensive exposure to lots of water and heat, and constant contact with cutlery, a kitchen countertop needs to be in perfect shape for easy maintenance. A countertop that is easy to maintain is one that is easy to clean with just a single wipe and soapy water. A good countertop is also one that requires little or no repair. Choosing the easiest countertop to maintain is not easy because you have to evaluate several factors that help you weigh your options. This article looks at some of the easiest kitchen countertops to maintain.

  • Quartz Countertop

Also known as engineered stone, quartz is the best replacement for the qualities that natural stone lacks. It is relatively cheaper than natural stone and is very durable since it nonporous, meaning that it is resistant to water, heat, and bacteria. The best thing with quartz is that you can add any colorants to it so that it can fit your desired style and taste. Quartz is highly durable since it leaves no chances of fissures and cracks that could let in water and bacteria that eat up the material, otherwise reducing its lifespan. With quartz, you do not need to add any sealant to make it resistant to water, heat, and food and drink spills.

  • Solid Countertop

Installation of a solid countertop is quite expensive since it requires a strong base to support the weight of the heavy polyester material. However, once installed, a solid countertop will give you almost an infinite service since it will require little or no maintenance going forward. The main drawback with a solid countertop is that it requires a sealant. If this is not available, it will crack. It is also prone to scratch by hard cutlery.

  • Stainless Steel Countertop

In terms of aesthetic appeal, stainless steel is among the best countertops. It is one of the easiest to maintain countertops since it does not stain, nor does it allow penetration of water and bacteria. It thus has a longer lifespan if taken good care of. Compared to most countertops, stainless steel is relatively expensive and this means that in case you wanted to replace it, you will spend quite more. It is prone to heat, thus great caution should be taken when handling it. It is also prone to scratching and utensils should not be hurled across the surface because this would degrade it. Another disadvantage of a stainless steel countertop is that it requires an expert to install since it is rather sensitive.

  • Laminate Countertop

This is the easiest countertop to maintain because of several reasons. It comes at a relatively low price and is cheap when it comes to the time of replacing it later in life. However, this does not mean that it has a short lifespan. It takes many years before laminate needs any maintenance. It is non-porous, which means that bacteria and water do not affect it, hence extending its lifespan. This feature also makes it easy to clean; with a single wipe using a soft piece of cloth and some soapy water. The best thing about laminate is that it comes in a wide range of designs and colors therefore you get to choose one that blends with your taste and style. It also does not require any sealant since it has a heat, water, and scratch-resistant surface that is very beautiful. Some laminate designs even look like natural stone or marble.

  • Recycled Glass Countertop

Also known as crushed glass, recycled glass is made by mixing pieces of crushed glass with clear resin. It makes very beautiful and smooth countertop surfaces that are easy and simple to clean. You do not need a sealant layer since recycled glass is by itself resistant to heat, water, and bacteria, a quality that extends its lifespan by far. On top of it all, you can add colorants to the glass and resin in your desired design.

This article has highlighted some of the easiest kitchen countertops to maintain and they range from quartz, solid, stainless steel to laminate countertops. Most of the time, the best countertop material is usually the most expensive, and for this reason, people who want quality do not usually have much choice. Fortunately, in this case, the easiest countertop to maintain is laminate, which is the least expensive among the above-discussed countertops. To make the most informed choice, you can call in your contractor to help you with this.

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