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Framed Vs Frameless Kitchen Cabinets. Which is Better?

Framed cabinetry means cabinets that have frame overlays that surround the door panel while frameless cabinetry does not have frame overlays over the panel. Your choice over these two types will depend on a number of different aspects. These include; strength and durability, cost effectiveness, variety, appearance, space and ease of installation. Most importantly, no kitchen is similar to the other in terms of shape and size. This therefore means that you should first evaluate the nature of your kitchen so that when you make your choice, you are more informed. This article looks at some determinant factors between framed and frameless kitchen cabinets.

  • Strength and Durability

Framed cabinetry is made up of three different frame overlays that surround the cabinet panel fully, half or just a small fraction. These are aimed at making the cabinet door stronger and reduce chances of breakages. Even with just a glance, they seem stronger. With frameless cabinetry, the material used is a bit thicker, to replace the strength of the missing frames. Therefore, in terms of this aspect, they are almost the same since each of them has a feature that increases their strength. For durability, it all depends on how well you take care of your cabinetry.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Framed cabinetry is a little cheaper since the material used to make it is not as expensive. However, this might be different if the material used is hardwood. Most people claim that it is hard to install, thus making it expensive. However, they forget that that the board comes in one ready piece so this does not make it any different in terms of price. A frameless cabinetry on the other hand is usually made of MDF, which is a little expensive.

  • Installation

Many homeowners assume that framed cabinetry is harder to install because of piecing together the frame overlays with the door panel. Truth of the matter is that the panel and the frame overlay come in different pieces and you just join them together and mount the door onto the sidewall using hinges. In contrast to this, frameless cabinetry is even easier to install. You just take the panel and mount it onto the sidewall by use of screws.

  • Appearance

Framed cabinetry usually has frame overlays, which come in three different options; the full overlays, semi overlay and the one with just a small overlay. These cabinets are also usually made of hardwood since they come a long way in the ancient times. They are mounted onto the wall using hinges. Framed cabinets are sometimes used to display elegance and class. Frameless cabinetry on the other hand is a single panel mounted onto the sidewall. They are mainly made of a thicker medium density fiber, MDF to try to give it more strength.

  • Space

When it comes to the issue of space, frameless and framed cabinetry are almost the same although frameless cabinet may look like it has more space. However, this is not true. On the outside, the framed cabinetry looks a little smaller, because of the space taken by the frame overlay, especially the full overlay. Nevertheless, on the inside, they are all the same with the only difference being accessibility of the inner shelves. With the framed cabinetry, the inner shelves are a little difficult to access, more than the frameless.

  • Versatility

The frameless cabinetry lacks versatility in that you only have one choice. These come in only one design since there are no different ways of mounting frameless cabinets. You just need a single piece of wood with some good finish. The only aspect where you get to choose is in the material for the cabinetry. With framed cabinetry however, you have a variety to choose from. You can choose among full overly, semi and just a small overlay.

Having said that, it is evident that there is no much difference between framed and frameless kitchen cabinets. The difference comes in depending on what you are looking to achieve in your kitchen. We are all different with different tastes and preferences. Therefore, paying attention to the aforementioned factors could help you choose the best cabinetry for your kitchen space. Nevertheless, with some good installation and style, they both can give you that perfect look and feel you are looking to achieve in your kitchen. In case you are still having problems choosing one over the other, you can call your contractor to advise you on which one is appropriate for your kitchen.

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