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How Do You Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

You can implement several strategies to make your kitchen seem bigger without doing major remodeling. A crammed kitchen is not ideal and hence you should try to stretch the space as much as you can. This entails doing some variations of the color schemes and the cabinetry. Countertops could also have a huge impact in rendering your kitchen quite big and spacious. This article looks at varying ways in which you can make your kitchen look bigger.

  • Painting the Kitchen White

The white color helps in the receding of the walls and in the reflection of light thus visually increasing the sense of space. As mentioned above, painting the cabinetry and countertops white helps to enhance the space while simultaneously removing the boundaries that often diminish the space. More so, painting the ceiling white or using a very light color scheme is also very instrumental in the visual expansion of your kitchen. The wall trims should also be painted a similar color as the wall as this aids to eliminate visual obstruction.

Cream, off white, and antique white colors can be ideal too as they create a very good sense of openness. Dark colors should be avoided as they weigh down the available space thus shrinking the kitchen.

  • Elevating Spaciousness with the Use of Cabinets

This entails the use of taller than normal cabinets. Using cabinets to elevate spaciousness raises the level of your eyes thus creating an illusion of making the ceiling appear very high. The color of the cabinets ought to be light hence similar to that of the walls. Any complex and overly intricate designs should be avoided, as they might not be too good for a tiny kitchen. The style of the front doors should be flat and the cabinet hardware should be very limited too. You should steer away from huge knobs and pulls and the hinges should be relatively concealed.

  • Linkage to the Outdoors or Merging Into a Larger Space

This occurs when the dining area and available space is too tight. Most people employ double French doors, which are installed leading to the outside back porch thus opening up space in a tiny kitchen. A small table can therefore be employed in order to keep the layout open.

You can also merge it with the close and proximate vicinity such as a living room. This is attained by removing the connecting doors and replacing them with an arch hence creating a seamless transition.

  • Opening Up the Space of the Floor

The use of a very tiny kitchen table aids you to create some extra floor space, which you can use to maneuver in the kitchen. This should also be applicable for other kitchen items that consume and devour your space such as a kitchen island.

Opting for downsized models should therefore create some more space for meal preparation and for much improved ease of mobility and foot traffic.

  • Increment of Accessible Storage

Countertop space is always limited. This can be remedied by some increased ease of access to storage. It is attained through some great ideas such as open shelving. Open shelving is installed and it helps to accommodate the glasses that are only used occasionally and sparingly. The others that are used constantly are placed just beneath the shelving.

A strip can also be used and installed to hold the cutlery. This helps ensure ease of reach within the kitchen preparation area. This increase of storage space is a rarity in small, boxed and compact kitchens thus making this idea even more fitting.

  • Replacing Cabinet Doors with Glass Front Doors

This aids to enhance visual depth thus creating an illusion that the kitchen is indeed spacious than it really is. The glances start to penetrate deep into the cabinet rather than just at the door. White glass panes are ideal as they help to enhance the effect and sense of increased space.

The foregoing are the distinct and diverse ways, which can be employed in order to make a relatively tiny kitchen appear bigger. You should therefore consider them if you feel like your kitchen is too tiny for your liking. It is also vital to consult an expert in this area as most of these kitchen enhancement ideas are not DIY tasks. Consulting should therefore ensure that you get the best possible advice hence ultimately culminating into very good ideas that can make your kitchen spacious to fit your desires.

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