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Is It Advisable to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the various ways that can be used to spruce up an old or a relatively unattractive kitchen. This process is very delicate, as it requires some very high level of attention to detail. This therefore raises the question whether it is advisable to paint kitchen cabinets or you should just replace and install new ones. This article shall proceed to discuss this exhaustively by evaluating the pros and cons of the same and ultimately making a good inference as to whether it is advisable to paint kitchen cabinets.

Pros of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

  • It is Cost Effective

Painting is cheap as compared to the acquisition and installation of new kitchen cabinets. If your pocket is somehow strained, you should just opt for the painting of the kitchen cabinets, as it is economically viable. You can also proceed to save more money by deciding to paint the cabinets yourself without involving a professional.

  • Durability

Some people have cabinets just below the sink and they often get wet and ruined by stains. Painting these cabinets therefore curbs these kinds of stains and the accompanying wear and tear.

  • It Gives a New Appearance

If painting is done appropriately, it culminates into a new look which possibly seemed unattainable since the kitchen cabinets looked too old. It is therefore ideal if you do not have a fetish for new things as the painting avails a very decent look without the need to install new cabinets. Some kitchen cabinet accessories can also be added just to accentuate the new look or appearance.

  • Saves You Money

This advantage does not imply that you are operating on a tight budget. It simply means that you can use the money saved to do something else that is part of your remodeling project. Painting is therefore viable as it can almost half the costs and the money saved can be utilized in other things such as countertops and flooring among others.

Cons of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

  • It is Not Ideal For All Types of Cabinets

The choice to be made regarding painting your cabinets is dependent on their current condition and shape. Painting is therefore not a fitting option for all cabinets. Some cabinets are already ruined as they are chipped, dented or warped hence this kind of damage cannot be remedied by some quick fix such as painting them again. Some cabinets also have very many complexities such as grain details thus making them very tough to paint. If you ignore these vital facts and proceed to paint the cabinets, the outcome is often calamitous.

  • Painting is Delicate and Arduous

It is therefore not a simple task that you can DIY at will. A rookie painter cannot be able to undertake this task properly. This is because of the lack of ample training and experience hence the results might be very pathetic or average. Only highly skilled experts that can deliver impeccable results should do the painting.

  • Time Consuming

Painting the cabinets is time consuming since it also involves a simultaneous use of the kitchen while it is being painted.

  • Painting is not Neat

If an amateur does the painting, marks will be left behind hence most people are advised to use spray guns that are also very technical for non-professionals.

Painting the kitchen cabinets might seem like a very quick and effortless exercise. However, this type of kitchen makeover is not a seamless endeavor hence you should not decide to undertake it until you make proper a proper evaluation and assessment of the pros and cons. This helps to determine which ones outweigh the other thus guiding you to determine whether it is indeed feasible or workable.

More so, if you are adamant that you must repaint the kitchen cabinets, you ought to use a professional who can give the cabinets that much desired new and fresh look. The answer might seem inconclusive and imprecise but this is because it is dependent on varying factors as mentioned above. This includes your budget, the state and shape of your cabinets and if you want to DIY the project. The determination of the best move should therefore be unique from one person to another based on the foregoing factors and on the analysis and evaluation of the enumerated pros and cons. If you are still unsure of the best move to take, then consider reaching to a professional for assistance on whether you should paint or replace your kitchen cabinets.

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