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Is Vinyl Flooring Good For Your Kitchen?

Among the many kitchen flooring options, vinyl is one of the best material for your kitchen. The main reason behind this is that vinyl presents a wide variety of benefits to you. These include comfort to your feet and legs, variety of choices, affordability, and water resistance, among many others. This article looks at the benefits of using vinyl as a kitchen flooring option.

  • Comfort

Other flooring options such as tile are very hard and cold on the feet and since cooking sometimes may involve standing for long hours such flooring materials are very not advisable. Vinyl, on the other hand, is not so hard on the feet. In addition, vinyl allows extra padding to be laid below the vinyl sheet. This results in a more comfortable soft material that almost soothes the feet and does not hurt when you stand for long. This soft feature reduces the chances of accidents by reducing the shattering of a household when one falls on the floor during busy cooking.

  • It is Clean

Unlike tile that has grout lines that might sometimes be prone to harboring particles of dirt and are hard to clean, vinyl comes as one large sheet without grout lines. This makes it impossible for water and dirt to be trapped, meaning it is cleaner than other flooring options. Besides, vinyl has a shiny outer coating that makes it hard for dirt to stain the surface. When it comes to cleaning, soapy water and sometimes a mild detergent and a single wipe with a soft cloth is enough.

  • Variety

Vinyl comes in a wide variety of designs and colors so that you can choose one that resonates best with your tastes and preferences. The printing technology used to print the vinyl is so advanced that it makes any design that mimics any material for example wood, marble, and slate. It is even possible for some embellishments to be added to the material so that it ends up looking like a natural marble material. Although it may not feel like the natural marble on the feet, but at least it will provide an aesthetic look just like real natural marble.

  • Cheaper

Compared to other flooring options available in the market, vinyl is quite cheap. The reason behind this is that it is because it is readily available and made from blending recycled ethylene and chlorine to make a type of plastic PVC or what is commonly known as vinyl. The market price for vinyl is quite low compared to other flooring options. On average, the cost of installing one square foot of vinyl on your kitchen floor is between $2 and $5.

  • Water Resistant

Vinyl is made with PVC material that is resistant to water, unlike many other flooring options like wood. The surface of the material is also a shiny coating that makes it water resistant. It also comes in one large single piece of vinyl material that does not have grout where water would seep in and cause damage to the material. Water is not only harmful to the material, but it can also act as perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which also damages the material and makes you sick through allergies. However, with vinyl, you do not have to worry about this, as the material is water resistant.

  • Safety

A hard material for the kitchen floor is risky because in case you take a fall, you may sustain serious injuries from the hard material. A slippery kitchen floor is also very risky since you could easily slip and fall, which could result in serious bodily injuries. However, with vinyl, these are not issues to bother you since you could add a padding sheet below the vinyl material, which makes the floor soft, meaning that in case you fell, you will not sustain many injuries. Vinyl on itself is not as rough and this makes it a little slippery. The good news is that it can be added some embellishments like those of wood to increase traction with the feet.

It is important to note that vinyl needs regular vacuuming to pick up solid dirt and food particles that would otherwise scratch the surface or still remove the water resistant layer from the surface of the material. This would make the material fade out so quickly than its intended lifespan. If you are looking of something more special, you can visit a vinyl manufacturing plant to make orders of custom prints and designs.

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