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Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Lively

A kitchen can become the hub of your dream home if its design offers an aesthetic appeal that blends in with your style and personality. The best way to make the most of limited space is to prioritize and plan effectively on how you can use space wisely to avoid both visual and physical clutter. You can always customize your design to suit your space regardless of the size of your kitchen. A kitchen can be a cold and clinical space without the right design and treatment. This article looks into kitchen design ideas that can make your kitchen lively.

  • Eliminate Clutter

Minimizing clutter can make your kitchen feel breezier as it has a dramatic impact on the openness of the room. The best way to declutter your kitchen surfaces is to store appliances in cupboards or pantry and keep the counter space clear. It is important to stick to a simple but carefully selected collection of displays or personal items. You can also get rid of decorative outdated design pieces such as window coverings, corbels, and ornate handles as they favor a more minimalistic design.

  • Blend Surfaces with an Ideal Color Scheme

You can make a small kitchen look larger by creating a cohesive look between your backsplash and countertops. Black and white granite countertops can create a seamless appearance when extended up the wall. Consider a simple yet stylish color scheme that prevents your kitchen from looking too busy. The selected theme needs to be consistent throughout the room as it helps create a statement on your kitchen d├ęcor.

  • Accessible Storage

While storage spaces help to declutter your kitchen surfaces, it is important to install cabinets or open shelves that provide easy access. The top shelf or storage spaces can be larger to accommodate occasional drinkware and kitchen appliances that are not used often. Glasses and other items that see daily use should be stored beneath where they can be accessed easily when needed. You can take advantage of the vertical space by installing magnetic knife strips, pegboards and hanging shelves in a small kitchen where the floor space is often scarce.

  • Ample Lighting

A kitchen with poor lighting can feel small and gloomy regardless of how well you organize the room. Consider natural light by installing large windows and creating proper ventilation as it helps to brighten the space. You can install opaque-color curtains as they not only let in sunshine but also offer privacy. However, it is also important to install artificial lighting over and below cupboards to make the kitchen look bright and airy. Pendant lights can highlight the beautiful focal point of the space regardless of your kitchen style.

  • Patterned Floors

Lay out a wood parquet or tile on your kitchen parallel to the entrance to allow you to walk across a horizontal pattern. Horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider space by pulling your eyes from side to side. A rug patterned with horizontal stripes could also have the same effect making your kitchen feel bigger and lively.

  • Mind the Hood

A sleek vent hood over the cooktop trims can give your kitchen a greater feeling of openness when mounted on the wall. It is advisable to go for minimalistic designs as they give a cleaner and lighter look in the kitchen. It is also important to integrate the style of your range hood with other elements in your kitchen.

  • Ideal Kitchen Appliances

You can also make big changes by installing new kitchen appliances that improve efficiency and functionality. Stainless steel appliance sets have become popular among modern homeowners because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. You can stay ahead of the trend by choosing unique colors or getting creative with mismatching.

  • Connect to the Outdoors

A small kitchen can be great for a small family but can become crowded when you start adding guests. You can open up a small galley kitchen by installing double French doors that lead to your back porch. Consider a small table with benches or a bistro if your dining space feels too tight. This helps to keep the layout open and lively when you invite some guests over for entertaining.

Kitchen design ideas are one of those projects that never seem to have an end, as they are dynamic and change over time. You no longer have to tear down everything to make a small kitchen feel bigger. These ideas can help you maximize what you have and get creative with making a kitchen lively without adding a single square foot.

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