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Marble Countertops

What are Marble Countertops?

Marble is a beautiful material that produces an instant feeling of elegance and magnificence in a space. It is hardly surprising that the greatest sculptors and architects in the world have chosen to work in with marble. Unfortunately, beauty has its price, literally as well as figuratively. Marble can cost a pretty penny, and it can take some effort to maintain marble surfaces. On the other hand, marble countertops could just make your room look amazing enough to make the effort worth it. Not to worry, we have sorted all the advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops so you can make an educated decision.

Benefits of Marble Countertops

There’s no way around it. Marble countertops create a bold statement in any space, adding an almost otherworldly aura of beauty that can make jaws-drop. In the true sense of the word, marble countertops are unique: no two are the same. As a natural stone, your marble countertop’s physical appearance is completely organic, no one designs these surfaces except Mother Nature, and she has given us plenty to work with. Although strong black and white are the most frequently selected shades, the color selection for marble countertops extends throughout the spectrum.

While leaving hot pots and pans straight on marble counters is not recommended, due to the heat-resistant nature of marble, it is something that could be done. That said, marking its surface with heat or fire would take steady and seemingly deliberate it. Now while you may not want to cook on marble, as with granite, marble still holds up extremely well to heat and warm products. No matter what the surface of your countertop is, use trivets for your hot pots and pans.

Marble is actually a rather omnipresent material despite its VIP status. The natural stone can be found throughout the world, making it widespread in many color variants. Having a marble countertop is a sophisticated way to bring into your home an element of nature.

Whether recently renovated or closely maintained over the years, stone features in good condition can actually contribute to your home’s value.

Disadvantaged of Marble Countertops

Marble can scratch quickly and easily, when something acidic is placed on marble for a long time it can leave a mark. for instance a slice of lemon set overnight on a polished countertop may leave a mark, more dull than the surface around it.

Luxury is never inexpensive, and marble is a luxury epitome. However, there is some wiggle room here. Marble exists in so many locations and there is so many varieties, it is accessible in a broad spectrum of characteristics and prices. It is possible to shop around and find relatively affordable options for marble countertops.

Marble is extremely heavy. Installation if marble countertops requires professional installation. You also need to make sure your counter is strong enough to handle the extra weight.

Chances are you’d rather use your countertops than watch them in a museum like carvings, but you may feel forced to begin standing watch with marble. Spills can readily penetrate deep into your marble countertops and become stains due to the porosity of the stone. Fortunately, we have alternatives to assist handle the vulnerabilities of your marble, including removing stain, cleaning, polishing, and finishing.