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Top 7 Characteristics of Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners report issues such as deteriorating drawers, crooked doors and loose hinges on their kitchen cabinets, which are primarily caused by low-quality construction. In most cases, people compromise the quality of material used to make their kitchen cabinets with the intent of saving some money. However, low-quality cabinets tend to have aesthetic issues and functional defects that lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Investing in high-quality cabinets is a smart choice for homeowners who are looking for something stunning and durable as they last for a long time without losing their aesthetics and functionality. This article looks at seven characteristics of quality kitchen cabinets.

  1. All-Plywood Construction

Cabinet boxes can be built of either particleboard or plywood. However, robust cabinets are designed with full plywood backs and sides to stay square during delivery and time of installation. This feature allows it to resist damage from moisture and support the weight of heavy countertops. Although cabinets made of particleboard are a less costly alternative, they are always vulnerable to crushing and moisture problems, which makes it difficult to repair the joints and screws. An all-plywood construction has a strong holding power when combined with glue, screws, and fasteners.

  1. Soft-Close Hinges

You cannot open or close a cabinet door without the hinges, which makes them one of the most essential components of a kitchen cabinet. Inferior hinges can lead to loosening, stiff, or uneven doors that may fail to close. A quality cabinet hinge is made up of a soft-close mechanism engraved into a tough, nickel-plated steel hinge. The hinge can be adjusted in more than six ways to offer more flexibility during temperature fluctuations to allow easier opening and closing of the cabinet door.

  1. Hardwood Drawer Boxes

Consider an upgrade if the front faces of your drawer are bending, bowing, or falling off. Cabinets with poor construction are often secured with notched joints and staples that lack enough strength to support the weight. The drawer box sides of a quality construction should be milled to include interlocking teeth and dovetail joints where the strength of weight support originates from the wood itself. Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes are characterized by a strong plywood drawer bottom and grooved joints fully captured on four sides glued and nailed in place.

  1. Face Frames

Frameless cabinets have their doors attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box while framed cabinets have drawer slides and door hinges attached to the frame. These two methods of construction can vary widely in strength and stability depending on the construction methods, as they are significantly different in appearance. However, the installation costs for frameless cabinets are typically higher than framed cabinets. Face frame cabinets provide more stability that keeps the cabinet box intact during shipping and installation.

  1. Style and Color

The general rule of modern home design is to keep the style consistent throughout the house. Kitchen cabinets should reflect your style and personality in the kitchen environment regardless of your individual preferences. Consider how your cabinetry compliments the space in your kitchen and find a style that suits your needs. Style and color should go hand in hand since your kitchen style dictates what colors you can use. Stainless steel appliances usually work with any hue and you can always choose your favorites in the color palette.

  1. Industry Certification and Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty can give the assurance of durability and low maintenance costs for the entire period you reside in your home. Although the warranty does not dictate the quality of the cabinet, it gives you an idea of how far the manufacturer is willing to stick behind their product. High industry certification and lifetime warranty imply that the manufacturers have strong credence on the quality of their construction.

  1. Modifications and Customizability

Stock manufacturers offer limited styles and sizes, which may not meet or exceed your expectations of a modern kitchen. Cabinets with custom modifications offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and special features that are tailored to suit the needs and space of your kitchen.

Quality kitchen cabinets serve a practical purpose of storage and play a significant role in determining the overall look of your space. High-quality kitchen cabinets are made up of a combination of quality workmanship, durable materials, and unique finishing touches. It all depends on your overall budget for the project as well as your style and individual preferences.

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