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Kitchen Cabinets

High quality, affordable (not cheap) kitchen cabinets are waiting for you!

Most people, and rightfully so, associate higher prices with better quality. While this is often true, it is not necessarily true in all cases. Kitchen Kreations is here to go against the grain (no pun intended) and bring you solid quality and excellent products. Lets get started!

Our Showroom in Freehold, NJ is here for You!

The first thing to note is that Kitchen Kreations has a showroom with many cabinet varieties, colors, manufacturers, and features to choose from. We are not going to place your order and have you be shocked at what arrives. We believe in pleasant surprises! Come visit us and see for yourself the quality of kitchen cabinets we have to offer.

There are many kitchen cabinet styles to match the many different tastes and desires of customers. Whether you would like contemporary or traditional, transitional, or a particular look such as shaker, old world, or rustic, we can find something that should fit your needs.

Many times, our clients are thinking about a particular look and style but when they visit our showroom in Freehold, New Jersey, they see something else that they have never seen before or heard about and they change their mind. There is no “wrong” kitchen. There is only “your” kitchen and we want to get that kitchen right for you. This is the idea stage and it should be enjoyable. So come visit us and have some fun brainstorming and discussing options for your kitchen cabinets and remodeling project.

Below are some descriptions of Kitchen Cabinet styles.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets
These kitchens are almost self explanatory. They are basically the norm if you go back 15-20 years. These kitchens are usually used to fit the current style of a traditional home. Of course, improving the products in your current kitchen with features such as soft close drawers and doors is all part of the new kitchen cabinets our clients receive. What we are trying to do is upgrade the cabinets without losing the look and feel of the traditional home. Most of the traditional kitchens outfitted with raised panel doors and traditional or detailed moldings. Cabinets are usually complimenting this look and feel with the same.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets
Transitional “style” is the blend of traditional and modern styles. This “transition” from traditional to modern” is where it derives its name. This is also the most popular style, especially on the East Coast. Most of these designs will have a recessed panel door style, a touch of detail with clean lines and not much flash or flair. A light color is usually the norm.
Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets are considered “contemporary” because they are associated with designs that are current to the present era. They can have a “modern” design feel as well, which is a sharp, very clean, non flashy style. Most of these type designs will not have crown molding, raised panels, or other “artistic” features. Materials used are usually natural, such as wood with quartz or stone countertops integrated into the kitchen design.
Modern Kitchen Cabinets
Modern cabinets are a description of the look of the cabinet style used, usually sleek with very few details. Lots of high gloss, engineered wood and simple. These kitchens usually have less cabinets. In a nutshell, simple, frameless cabinets, horizontal lines and lack of ornamentation defines this kitchen style.

Affordable kitchen cabinets vs. Cheap kitchen cabinets

One thing that we would like to emphasize. Our cabinets may be affordable, but they are not cheap. Saving money is the goal, not cutting corners on product quality. We stand by our products and use them ourselves in our homes and recommend our cabinets and sell to friends and family. It is why we encourage everyone to stop by our showroom and let you see, touch, and witness the quality for yourself. We have established relationships with all of our manufactures with product warranties you will be comfortable with. We will not compromise quality for price. We hope to see you soon! Contact Us today!