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Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops – Crucial to the functionality of every kitchen!

Countertops are probably what get used the most in the kitchen (besides the refrigerator!). We prepare our foods, serve our families, and enjoy precious moments on these surface areas. Choosing the correct material and design is important due to different personal preferences and kitchen usage goals. Select wisely to make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable for you. Never fear, when working with us, all of these elements and needs will be discussed to create the best kitchen possible for you in New Jersey.

Kitchen Kreations, emphasizes affordability, but quality and durability are always our primary goals and so we will recommend that you go with materials that will last. Materials are not the only factor with durability. For instance, dark solid colors when scratched, show the scratches more than light colored countertops with a design. The most popular countertops are quartz and granite. We carry both of these and marble through our distributors.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops:
Laminate countertops are the least expensive of all countertops and although an option, they will scratch and are not resistant to intense heat. The benefits are low costs and they come in a ton of different colors. Many DIY projects can be handled by choosing laminate. They are lightweight and do not feel very solid. Very low maintenance needed if any.
Quartz Kitchen Countertops:
This is the most popular countertop currently. They are the most resistant to scratching and staining. They also the least porous. Picking and choosing the exact type you want is simple as our showroom has lots of samples. These also have a lot of different colors. The downside of quartz is that they are not resistant to extreme heat. Make sure you use a pot holder before placing that hot frying pan on the surface! These countertops are roughly made of 90-95% actual quartz rock. The remaining portion of quartz is made up of glue, pigment, and resin. This resin is susceptible to heat. With the exception of heat, quartz is the most durable countertop. Very low maintenance needed if any.

Granite Kitchen Countertops:
Granite is a natural stone and what you see is actually cut from the earth “as is”. Because granite is natural, no two slabs will ever be exactly alike. Granite is excellent in terms of maintenance and is very difficult to stain or scratch. It is more resistant to heat than quartz and for this reason, some may choose granite over quartz. Granite is very heavy and durable. This countertop is not a good choice for the DIY crowd. This countertop should be installed by a professional. Highly recommended to seal granite with a clear liquid solution every 6-12 months to prevent staining.
Marble Kitchen Countertops:
Marble is very popular due to its natural beauty. Like granite, is a natural stone but it is composed of different types of rocks and is much more porous. Marble is still a very popular option, but costs are usually more expensive than granite or quartz, so this must be taken into consideration when selecting this option. Marble can be scratched and stains easy, but is resistant to heat. If you have kids or children, these factors should be noted. Absolutely necessary to seal marble every 6 months.

There are other countertops like wood and tile to choose from, but the 4 types above are by far the most common. Kitchen Kreations wants to make you proud of your kitchen and absolutely enjoy it for years to come. The key to making sure this happens is to listen first and provide recommendations 2nd. We want to hear your ideas, needs, and dreams and then assist you in choosing the best products and materials to serve you best. We hope to see you soon! Contact Us Today!