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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Cabinets are a priority! Therefore, your kitchen cabinet design has to be done RIGHT! Here’s why!

Kitchen cabinets are probably the most important aspect of any kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen cabinet design includes everything from the exact layout of your cabinets to the materials, products and finishes you use to complete your envisioned kitchen. While the kitchen design is not the most expensive part of your project, due to the ramifications of getting it wrong, it just may well be the most important.

You definitely want to make sure you have a cabinet design professional guide you through many different kitchen ideas and considerations before you start your project. The time spent on the design and idea phase is well worth it so that your project comes out the way you want. This is an exciting time and the design phase should be fun and enjoyable.

At Kitchen Creations, we will walk you through this phase so you can create the kitchen of your dreams with confidence. We will ask you all the questions needed to produce the result you want while at the same time answering all your questions you have about the process in addition to the products, colors, and features available.

What is the kitchen design phase? What things need to be considered?

Your cabinets, like mentioned above are crucial to your beautiful new kitchen. Many things will be under consideration as we set the stage for your new kitchen. Placement of the cabinets will probably be step one. Open kitchen floor plans have become common and the layout and placement of your cabinets will show whether you will be sticking with a more traditional kitchen layout or not. Are you going to use cabinets in the island, above and below the counters? Will you desire an island in the middle of your kitchen?

The basics are to simply think about your every day life. Do you have kids? What do you primarily use your kitchen for? Many families entertain in their kitchen. Others simply use the kitchen for cooking only. The layout and design of your cabinets should fit your lifestyle. If you are remodeling your kitchen and have kids for instance, make sure that the high traffic areas are not near the stove and the paths are wide enough so that safety is a top consideration.

Doors are critical when doing cabinet design. Doors banging into each other or into appliance doors is annoying and reduces the enjoyment of the kitchen and the life of the doors. Door clearances and swing direction seem simple enough to plan until they are installed incorrectly and have to be changed. One change can lead into other necessary changes and pretty soon you have a mess on your hands. All of these things should be avoided in the design phase and Kitchen Kreations will include your design phase in the purchase of your cabinets. Remember, our goal is to save you money but provide you with the quality you desire. Both can be achieved and we will make it happen for you!

Countertop design & layouts matter!

Is cooking important to you? Even the amateur chef desires more counter space. One area often Chefs could always use more space is between the stove and sink. Did you know that you can have more than one height for countertop spaces. This allows the mother with little ones to share in the cooking and meal preparation festivities! Shelving behind the range for oils, utensils, spices and more make ease of movement around the kitchen easier and more efficient. What about the plates, cups and saucers for the kids? Yes, make sure those are in reach also. Your kitchen isn’t just for the youthful. What about the elderly. Make sure those who may have mobility issues have ease of movement as well. The basic idea of excellent kitchen design, is ease of use for all. If you have found yourself or loved ones running around the kitchen from one end to the other, stress no more. We will help you solve all these kitchen problems and have fun doing it.

Other areas often overlooked as potential kitchen design ideas are reserved spaces for whiteboards, microwave ovens, small tv’s, toasters, blenders, and knife storage. Glass shelving, wine glass storage, and display shelving need to be considered. What about the color of your kitchen? If your kitchen is small, dark colors will make it appear smaller. Make your room appear larger using brighter colors. Lastly, to many features and trying to make a kitchen do everything will create a busy and cluttered look. It is usually best to think about the main point of your kitchen and work toward that end. These are the little things that make for an excellent kitchen experience but are easy to solve at the beginning stages, but later on if added will look awkward or not blend in properly.

It is important to get your kitchen cabinet design done right before work begins or your cabinet order placed. We are here to assist you every step of the way. Our showroom is located in Freehold, New Jersey for your convenience. Contact us today!