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Top 5 Kitchen Countertops to Consider When Working on a Budget

Whether you are giving your kitchen a facelift or replacing it as a whole, this is the most expensive part of the house. Countertops take the lion’s share in this adventure. For this reason, there is a need to consider the cheapest countertop options so that you do not spend everything on countertops and not have enough for other features such as the floor and appliances. When choosing the least expensive countertop options, you have to pay attention to several factors. The main question you need to ask yourself is whether the material gives you an aesthetic appeal and durability, on top of saving you a few dollars. This article looks at top five inexpensive countertop options to consider when working on a budget.

  1. Ceramic Tile

Although this is the oldest form of countertop materials, it is still popular among many homeowners from its endless benefits. The main reason behind this is that it is quite cheap compared to other materials. This is so because it is readily available as a natural resource. Mixing natural stone and cement, as raw materials, forms ceramic tile. It comes in many designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Sometimes ceramic tiles are made of a solid color while at times they are made with multiple colors as well as certain artistic impressions that are so beautiful. If properly maintained, ceramic tile is one of the most durable countertop materials. It is water and heat resistant since it has a sealant layer. The only drawback with tile is that you have to keep maintaining the grout for it to last longer.

  1. Natural Stone and Granite

Similar to ceramic tile, natural stone and granite are readily available as a natural resource. The best thing about natural stone is that it is easy to install and very durable. It does not need lots of maintenance going forward. When mixed with granite, natural stone can be a very appealing countertop material that looks classy and elegant. It is water and heat resistant, something that extends its lifespan since it does not rot because of water seeping into the inner parts. The only disadvantage with natural stone and granite is that although granite is used to complement natural stone bay adding color, it is a little expensive and hard to find.

  1. Vinyl Laminate

This is made of solid fiberboard for purposes of giving it the strength to withstand people leaning on it, as well as heavy cutlery. Vinyl is also used as raw material for this countertop option. The best thing is that vinyl laminate is very cheap because it is readily available from recycled paper, plastics, wood and petroleum products. This material is very appealing and beautiful and is scratch-free. It is also water and heat resistant, meaning that it has a longer lifespan. The best thing about laminate vinyl is that it helps in conserving the environment in that you use recycled waste to make it.

  1. Solid Wood

Solid wood remains as one of the most popular countertop options because of its elegant and classy aesthetic appeal it brings into the kitchen. If not taken good care of, wood can be the worst when water seeps into its inner layers. This may make it to rot and bend. Furthermore, it can harbor mold, which could give you allergies, and asthma. This, therefore, means that you have to add a scratch and water-resistant player on its surface. However, with a proper sealant layer and good care, it can be one of the most appealing countertop materials. It is readily available, even from the backyard trees, hence very cheap. The only drawback is that it contributes to the degradation of the environment.

  1. Recycled Glass, Aluminum, and Paper

By using this material, you will not only be enjoying the benefits that come with it, you will also be taking part in the conservation of the environment since it is made of recycled paper, aluminum and glass to make what is known as fiberglass. It is therefore cheap, beautiful, water, scratch and heat resistant and lasts for so long when well maintained. .

All the above are good countertop options because they are cheap. Your choice among them will be determined by factors like durability, exposure to heat and water, aesthetic look, installation, and maintenance going forward. Therefore, it is good that you evaluate these options so that you do not save money in the upfront cost only to spend more with maintenance.

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