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Which is the Best Plywood for a Kitchen Cabinet?

Plywood is among the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets but unfortunately, most people tend to be torn between the different plywood available. Ensure that you choose a plywood that is both water and heat resistant since kitchen cabinets are the most prone to these two aspects. The plywood should also be very durable and fungal resistant since it will always be in contact with hard utensils that might scratch its surface. This article discusses different elements that make a plywood suitable for kitchen cabinets.

  • Hardwood

Just like the name suggests, hardwood plywood is harvested from hardwood trees like mahogany, ash, birch, and red oak. Furniture made from hardwood trees has earned a spot at the top because of their durability. For this reason, hardwood plywood is the most expensive among all other plywood. It is best suitable for frameless kitchen cabinets since it is heavy enough to withstand the weight of heavy utensils. However, its weight might be a challenge when you are installing the cabinetry high on the wall. It can also withstand heat and water, hence making it very durable if maintained well. The best thing about hardwood plywood is that it is very classy and elegant, making your kitchen stand out from the rest.

  • Composite¬†

Composite is made of a mixture of particleboards and lumber pieces at the core, while a hardwood veneer is added to the edges to give it some extra strength. Since particleboards and lumber pieces are readily available as waste materials, this makes composite plywood very cheap and it is a good choice if you are working on a budget. Composite plywood is made to withstand heat, which means it is also durable. Composite is very beautiful since the hardwood veneer makes it look like natural hardwood.

  • Exterior

This type of plywood is made with waterproof glue and is thus suitable for kitchen cabinets since it will easily withstand water splashes when you are doing your dishes. The waterproof also acts as a sealant that protects the cabinets from scratching. Exterior plywood is made of softwood fir plywood, which is readily available due to its relatively low price, compared to other plywood. All these prolong its lifespan. These elements make exterior plywood popular amongst a good number of homeowners.

  • MDF

Commonly known as MDF, medium density fiberboard is made of recycled paper and wood, which are readily available as waste materials. It is, therefore, a relatively cheaper option for kitchen cabinets and is advisable for people working on a budget. Medium density fiberboards come with several challenges; they are not water-resistant, and should their edges encounter water, they absorb lots of it and end up warping. Moreover, they are a lot more heavy, hence not a very good choice if you are installing the cabinets higher on the wall. Amongst all plywood, MDF is the least durable, hence not very desirable for kitchen cabinets because it is always in contact with water.

  • Marine

This is the most durable type of plywood available in the market. This is because marine plywood is designed to withstand the test of time even in wet and humid environments. For this reason, it is used for floors in boats and docks. It also has anti-fungal properties that protect it from microorganisms that would otherwise cause rotting, hence prolonging its lifespan. Its core is made of fir plywood and joined together by a stable glue bond that leaves no room for trapping water. This also helps in making the plywood suitable for humid and wet conditions.

  • Firewall

This type of plywood is made with Nano technology, which means that the plywood is less flammable. This slows the rate at which the plywood catches fire in the event the kitchen comes under fire. This is more security and safety for your kitchen and the whole house at large. This technology also gives the plywood delayed penetration of heat during a fire breakout. All these features combined make firewall plywood so popular amongst many homeowners as well as hospitals and schools.

There are no doubts that deciding on the type of plywood to use for your kitchen cabinetry is quite a challenging endeavor. This is because you have to consider different elements such as the price of the plywood, its durability, its ability to withstand water and heat, as well as the ease of installation. Calling in a contractor will save you the headache since on top of installing the cabinetry for you; they will also help you analyze your options, according to your unique style and taste.

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